Jeff Barnett

Test Engineer

Since joining the CTL team in 2007 as an Engineering Technician, Jeff has been deeply immersed in all areas of mechanical testing services that CTL can provide. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Jeff was promoted to Test Engineer, where he has taken over responsibilities for Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) testing. During this time Jeff has been instrumental in the continued development of the testing of advanced ceramic composites, specifically elevated temperature strain-controlled low-cycle fatigue. Jeff is an active member of ASTM International (American Society for Testing & Materials).

A Cincinnati native, Jeff graduated from Cincinnati State in 2004 with an Associate degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering and worked for a local military contractor as an Electronics Technician testing. He performed field service work on a wide variety of equipment, such as water purification systems, generators, and air conditioners before joining the team at CTL. Jeff’s broad range of experience spans multiple engineering fields and gives him a knack for figuring out how to accomplish complex testing with top-notch results. Jeff has also excelled at creating and configuring test set-ups to accommodate individual components and assemblies across a wide range of temperatures

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